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A property tax depreciation schedule can be extremely valuable to any property investor. Of course that investor must have a taxable income, to offset the depreciation against.

Generally a property tax depreciation schedule for your investment property will help you pay less tax. The amount the property tax depreciation schedule says you can claim each year effectively reduces your taxable income for that year by the figure shown.

Depreciation is known as a ‘non-cash deduction’ because it’s pretty much the only deduction that you don’t have to pay for on an ongoing basis. All other deductions, such as interest rates, property expenses etc. will hurt your hip pocket on an ongoing basis.

NBtax’s aim is to enable you to put more cash back in your pocket by maximising deductions and whilst remaining compliant to Australian Tax Office requirements.

NBtax was founded by  Napier & Blakeley which was the first company in Australia to specialise in property tax depreciation, and we’re still the market leaders and have been for 30 years.

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