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Property tax depreciation may initially seem unimportant to property sales teams and property managers.

However the truth is, that Property Sales teams who understand and know property tax depreciation are able to explain to potential purchasers how property tax depreciation can make an investment more valuable.

Understanding property tax depreciation can also show an investor that they may be able to afford a higher sale price.

NBtax very commonly works with property sales teams, developers and estate agents across the country, providing them with indicative schedules to aid in the sales process of new and old property.

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Are you a Property Manager?

Property Managers are in the perfect position to add value to their landlord clients at no direct cost to themselves.

Quite often investors are unsure where to source a property tax depreciation schedule and end up asking their property manager for advice.

Property managers can rest assured knowing that their landlords are in safe hands when they refer them on to NBtax.

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