Property Developers

Property Developers all too often underestimate the value of property tax depreciation when selling property.

Often purchasers are pushed to their financial limit when it comes to purchasing investment properties. Quantifying the available property tax depreciation benefits could very potentially increase their spending power.

This, we at NBtax, imagine is music to any developer’s ears.

For over three decades Napier & Blakeley and now NBtax has been working with developers to offer their sales teams indicative property tax depreciation schedules to inform and educate potential purchasers on the potential depreciation within a property. Quite often developers will incorporate these schedules into their marketing documentation ensuring the development’s marketing documentation is informative on all levels.

NBtax also works with developers across the country offering unique services to ensure all their purchasers are offered a reduced rate property tax depreciation schedule on their developments.

Our expert project team help you add value to your developments at no extra cost to you.

Stamp Duty

In certain states we also work with developers to help them minimise the dutiable stamp duty utilising the Alternative Method of calculation.

To find out more contact our stamp duty experts.

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